Special products with high viscosity

Solana offers a special line of products with high content of natural fibres of the fruit.
The fibre, an important component for foods is often wasted during tomato processing with loss of nutritional value and functional foods.
Purée , pizza sauce, pizza toppings, Semiconcentrated and concentrates with high viscosity are the best ingredients ideal for the production of pizzas and ketchup.

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Finely chopped tomatoes

This product is obtained from the line of peeled tomatoes that are drained and crushed to a fine particle size ranging from 8, 10 or 12 mm.
This product is ideal for preparing pizza and other sauces and condiments.

The use of pulp, chopped and diced as ingredients in recipes, give a intense fresh taste to the prepared foods obtained.

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Chopped and diced tomatoes

These products made with raw materials properly selected and calibrated, are available in different types, with cuts ranging from 9x9 up to1 9 x 19 mm, made with sauce hot or cold break with the possible addition of other ingredients required.
Represent an ideal ingredient for the production of sauces and condiments.

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